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    Verified Patient

    Friendly staff. Dr Hoenig is very friendly, caring, and professional.
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    Verified Patient

    Very friendly and welcoming, and the environment was very relaxing. The doctor is very nice and explained my condition in a manner that I understood and I really like that.
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    Verified Patient

    Dr. Hoenig was very thorough and easy to talk to. He did not make me feel rushed and anxious to ‘hurry up’ and say what I needed to say. His explanations were clear. I am pleased with his follow-up plans. I am thankful that he is my doctor.
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    Verified Patient

    Dr. Hoenig was patient throughout my very long healing journey. He did a wonderful job with my later release knee surgery!
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    Even though my injury was related to a work injury...both Dr. Hoenig and his assistant Brad treated me as their patient and not just a workers comp case. Both of them showed compassion to my situation.
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    Dr. Hoenig is absolutely amazing! He has been my knee surgeon for 3 years and for all 3 of my knee surgeries. He has always been compassionate and informative of every procedure and regularly checks up on me outside of the office. Truly an amazing man!
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    Angela H

    Dr. Hoenig has been the most caring physicians that we have come in contact with in a long time. When my daughter was having issues with her knee, Dr. Hoenig called her first thing the next morning (7am) to check on her and to make sure that she was okay. He was easy to talk to and gave me his cell number to contact him at anytime that I needed to. I would recommend Dr. Hoenig to anyone that has a teenage athlete.
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    Marty K

    He's a great surgeon the best!
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    judy M

    Dr. Hoeing saved my life after a terrible car accident, April/2/2016 in N.C. The trauma of the accident shattered my shoulder, so I had to have an emergency surgery. They transferred me from N.C to Spartanburg, to the Trauma Center. He operated on me and had to replace my shoulder and was in the hospital for 13 days. I had a set back when my blood oxygen fell after 2 days after surgery, and all the doctors pulled together to bring me thru this ordeal. I was so grateful to him and his staff.
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    We saw Dr. Hoenig in the ER after my daughter broke her wrist with a sports injury. He clearly explained what was happening, answered our questions, and took great care to help her. His bedside manner was excellent. I would recommend him to anyone.

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  • Spartanburg

    1330 Boiling Springs Rd, Ste 1600

    Spartanburg, SC 29303

    Practice Hours: 8am-5pm

  • Duncan

    115 Deacon Tiller Ct.

    Duncan, SC 29334

    Practice Hours: 8am-5pm